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Case Study: Large Pharma Company Adds Highly Adaptable Machine in Extremely Tight Space

Packed with Benefits! Learn more about NEM's Compact Unscrambler

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Case Study:

Large Pharmaceutical Company Adds Highly Adaptable Machine in Extremely Tight Space

The Challenge:

A large pharmaceutical company needed an Unscrambler added to an existing line with extremely limited space. It had to meet specific speed requirements and have the flexibility to handle 6 different sized containers. Moreover, it would be placed in a clean room environment.

The Solution:

Originally, NEM proposed our smallest Compact Unscrambler due to its flexibility in handling various container sizes and speeds. However, once the team received the space dimensions and floor layout, they realized the CP – though small - would not fit in the space allotted. To accommodate, we had to utilize NEM’s smallest Unscrambler – the Vertical Feed Unscrambler – for containers and speeds it had never handled before.

Our customer knew our capabilities and trusted NEM to make it work...and NEM was up for the challenge. By adapting the machine to run larger sized containers at faster speeds, the NEVF was able to offer more than it ever had before. 

The Results:

The NEVF exceeded the customer’s expectations! The changeover for 6 containers was much simpler than expected, it ran more bottles per minute than anticipated, and fit in the tight space. The customer didn’t ask for a beltless solution, but got one and loved that there were minimal wear parts and had received a machine designed specific for THEIR needs and THEIR exact pharmaceutical clean room specification.  


Packed with Benefits, NEM's Most Compact Unscrambler is a Powerful Piece of Machinery

NEM's compact and extremely efficient Vertical Feed Unscrambler (NEVF) stacks bottles in a base leading configuration. This is ideal when transferring containers into a starwheel or pucking system. The NEVF is also beltless having no wear parts and offering a great low maintenance solution.

Another unique benefit it offers is the ability to add secondary Operations within the Starwheel, such as an Inspection/ Rejection system, Sleever, Robotic Filler, and more.


No one knows your NEM machine like we do!

  • When cleaning the NEVF, don't forget to wipe down the camera lens and escapement. This prevents fingerprints and small smudges from slowing your machine down.
  • Thinking about adding a new container to your NEVF? We can help develop a change parts package to meet your needs. Plus, an NEM service technician can install them and fine-tune your machine. Call us today!

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NEM machine just goes and goes...

“Just a note from an engineer reporting to me about the last bottle unscrambler supplied to a dairy company. On his last visit, he asked why the plant manager wasn’t getting him to do anything with the bottle unscrambler as he has worked on everything else.     ?    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ?- Mathew, Packaging Consultant

Running non-stop with zero down time...

“We purchased a bottle descrambler from NEM 18 months ago, been running pretty much non-stop with zero down time. NEM is the best company that I have experienced in my 25-year career from start of process to delivery and setup. The Sales team answered all our questions from beginning to end. Would buy from NEM again and would recommend others to, the quality of product is superior.” ?    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ?- Steve, Pharmaceutical Industry

All we had to do was press start...

“This is the only machine we have purchased that all we had to do was place it in position and press start. We love it.”  ?    ? ?    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ??    ?- Dan and Greg, Food & Beverage Industry




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